Chrono Trigger Giveaway Raffle!

Many of our early readers will know that a good amount of my love for fantasy storytelling was inspired by the classic videogame Chrono Trigger. To celebrate that inspiration, we're giving away this beautiful Chrono Trigger-themed ornament, along with a signed copy of Murdoch's Choice!

This is a special raffle being offered to fans of Chrono Trigger, including many who have followed the Chrono Trigger Novel Project over the years. This project centers around the novelization of the story told within this role-playing game (RPG), adapted into the style of epic fantasy. The ultimate hope is to one day be able to publish this Chrono series of novels with the appropriate rights from the IP holder, Square Enix. You can learn more about this project, the novel itself, and its history at

To win this special Chrono Trigger ornament and a copy of my newly published “Heroes of Time” novel, please sign up for the raffle below.

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