What Readers Are Saying


JMD Reid, Author of the "Jewels of Illumination" Series:

"Murdoch’s Choice will take you on the fantasy high seas!  Prepare for mystery, engrossing characters, and heart in this adventure!  The plot’s great, but it's Captain Murdoch and his lively crew that keeps me hungry for more!"

E. R. Paskey, Author of "The Guardians" Series:

"An enthralling treasure hunt on the high seas with a colorful cast of characters, Murdoch’s Choice sucks you in and refuses to let go."

Shannon Everhart, Author of Moments at McBride:

"From the first page, this book transported me to another time and place that was beyond magical. This is what great writing is all about and I can’t wait for more!"

Jackson Utz, Author of the "Eternal Lifeline" Trilogy:

"There is never a dull moment in this novel, and being part of Murdoch’s crew is only a small part of the exciting adventure to come.  The book will make you want to read more of the 'Heroes of Time' world!"

Alex M., News Director at EOAlive.TV:

"Unique magic system…pirate and heist theme….  It’s Mistborn on a boat."


Jacob K., Alpha and Beta Reader:

"An absolute joy to read, full of compassion, courage, and hope in the face of impossible odds. You won't want to put it down, even when it's over."

Jackson Utz, Author of the "Eternal Lifeline" Trilogy:

"An exciting and engaging adventure from start to end, Heroes of Time: The First Ethereal shows how passion for the fantasy genre can come to life. Following Kayne, Etna, and many others in this journey, we get to see the wonderful world of magic and technology come together. Never letting the reader get bored, this story captivates them to the very end!"

Alex M., News Director at EOAlive.TV:

"This was an amazing read. The type of book that you expect to see become a major franchise. There was excellent care taken to introduce me to the world. I felt like I really got to know the characters, and there was something truly unique about the 'hard speculative fiction' that straddled Asimov and Sanderson into something different than traditional sci-fi or fantasy. The conflicts were real and human, simply dressed up with fantasy. The visualizations of battle scenes were exquisite. I can't celebrate the 'magic' system enough. Gorgeous, just gorgeous."

Jason H., Beta Reader:

"I really enjoyed this novel. Thank you!"

Justin G., Beta Reader:

"Great job! I'm really impressed by what you were able to accomplish here. I'm really looking forward to seeing you get published."

Ryan H., Beta Reader:

"The characters were well-defined and distinct.  The overall plot was interesting and engaging."

Stephanie Y., Beta Reader:

"Heroes of Time: The First Ethereal took all of my expectations and threw them out the door. Our hero, Kayne, is your average, but not quite so average young man whose goal is to join the Knighthood and reshape the kingdom from the inside out. His lofty but attainable goal is literally cut short after an unexpected brawl, and his life is turned upside down. As we follow Kayne's journey, unexpected foes arise and friendships are made and strengthened as he inexplicably becomes a hero of time."

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